ca ranch events

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a down-to-earth venue



breath of fresh air

real place for real people

no sugar coated, cookie cutter or stuffy vibes

canvas to paint your own love story

creative freedom

let your imagination run wild

try things

get your hands dirty



no stress

we banish the word “stress” from your wedding vernacular!

this word has no place permeating the realm of your magical weekend

and if something doesn't go exactly as planned - go with the flow instead

practice trusting the universe - great preparation for married life

stay grounded with an onsite yoga instructor

Inquire about yoga for your wedding

We crafted our ceremony to reflect us as a couple; untraditional, quirky and a dash of spirit. I thought I might get nervous in front of so many people, but as I stood out in the rolling hills under the open sky, I swear it was just me and him with the trees as our witness.

a weekend retreat 



With a variety of accommodations for up to 30 people, it’s like going on a trip with all your favorite people, only everyone came to celebrate your love story. Cozy up on the front porch as you sip coffee and watch the horses or do some yoga. And of course you’ll dress up and dance until your feet hurt so you just might end up in the hot tub under the stars.

There is something magical that happens over the course of a wedding weekend at the ranch between Friday night rehearsal and Sunday morning brunch. It's the in-between when the real moments occur. That doesn't happen if everyone is only there for the picture perfect production part of the wedding. Rich, authentic connection develops amongst family and friends, old and new. Even past tensions tend to dissolve in the space. Open nature has a way of being too big for small minds.


vintage ranch house

Even the most relaxed bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day! The 1890's ranch house with all its vintage charm, great lighting and lots of space is ideal for getting ready.


whiskey & cologne

We have equal aesthetic appeal for the groom and his buddies. The "Man Cave" is an 1860's bunkhouse built of old growth redwood with an integrated music studio. 


say I do 

under a 600 year old oak tree


under big open sky

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let's eat!

The barn was built in the 1860's - talk about built to last! This former home of 19 draft horses now let's you choose between dining inside with a historic feel or outside with the facade of the barn under the open sky. 



Our historic granary turned dance floor is lovingly refered to as the "palapa".  


into the night



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* We host a limited number of weddings each year

Intimate moments upstairs in the hay loft