Finally, a venue with a breath of fresh air


The ranch has a living, breathing history and is now run by the family's fifth generation. A colorful history with a vibrant future.

Many weddings have become cookie cutter thanks to streamlined social media content. The industry has a tendency to be limiting with a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer freedom with wide-open space and nature in every direction. You will feel a sense of calm just driving down the driveway.

Weddings are about coming together with family and friends to celebrate love and commitment. With a setting to bring out your inner zen and a site coordinator/yoga instructor to keep you grounded, you are sure to enjoy the entire process.


Make your celebration a weekend retreat


With a variety of accommodations for up to 40 people, you can connect with your whole crew for the weekend! Settle in on Friday, have your rehearsal, relax in the hot tub under the stars, then get some beauty rest. Wake up at your leisure and let everyone and everything come to you. Sip coffee on the front porch, watch the horses, do some yoga... no need to rush. Have the best day of your life and then unwind with your favorites after everyone else goes home. Sleep in on Sunday morning, have brunch and be on your married way.

Vintage Ranch House

Even the chillest bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day! The house with all its vintage charm and great lighting is the ideal environment to get ready. This bathroom is a favorite with its original claw foot tub and flooring.

Featuring four cozy rooms, the ranch house can sleep eight comfortably with all the conveniences of home. Worry less about the towels and dishes and more about your vows. To see more of the house, check us out on Airbnb.

Whiskey & Cologne

We have equal aesthetic appeal for the groom and his buddies. The "Man Cave" was an 1860's bunkhouse built of old growth redwood and converted into a music studio. The Man Cave is currently working its way back to its roots as we add 12 new bunks.

Rustic Charm

Historic Hetch Hetchy Cottage doubles as a picturesque backdrop...

AND a private room with an outdoor shower! See more on Hipcamp.

Click image to see more from this feature with Jennifer Skog Photography.

Click image to see more from this feature with Jennifer Skog Photography.

Be Bold

We like creative weddings. Your day is a reflection of you and your relationship, it should be unique! With several spaces to take advantage of, we invite you to make our place your own and infuse your spirit into every aspect.With so much space, you can claim the areas that speak to you and make them your own.

Click photo to see this featured in 100 Layer Cake.

Click photo to see this featured in 100 Layer Cake.


We've turned many historic components into modern amenities adding a bright future to a lot of old barn wood. Every element has a story and you can add your own. 

The roof from our old granary (where we stored award winning wheat) is now placed over an open air deck, making a unique dance floor!


The Barn

The iconic barn was home to 48 draft horses in the 1860's who did all the heavy lifting long before cars and tractors. Upstairs used to be the hay loft and held 300 tons of hay. Two storied high and one hundred feet long. That's a lot of old barn wood!


Upstairs is reserved as a hideaway from the crowd to get centered. 

Even though the Bay Area is progressive, you will hear this from several people - "weddings are so stressful!" Society has accepted and reinforced this notion. Well we do not buy it! Throw out the assumption that planning a wedding is supposed to be stressful. Sure, some things might not go exactly as planned... but guess what? That is an opportunity to be creative and go with the flow - great preparation for marriage!

Don't get lost in a Pinterest fantasy... planning a wedding is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about yourself and your loved ones.

Click image to see Rustic Glam Feature on Aisle Society.

Click image to see Rustic Glam Feature on Aisle Society.

* Only 20 wedding per year.