A conscious wedding

As humans, we yearn for depth. And one may very well think that a wedding would be one such opportunity for a profound experience. Unfortunately, weddings often turn into stressful productions as the all-too-common thread of anxiety weaves itself into the process. Why can it be so difficult to be conscious when it comes to weddings? When we birth and nurture creative ideas, it is natural to become attached because we have invested some piece of ourselves. But if we can truly trust and surrender control, we can in turn create space for truly magical experiences. As yogis who own a venue, we see the opportunity to introduce this awareness into the world of weddings.

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We were honored to host Thi and Marco’s transformative wedding. They let it be an organic expression of their relationship—they allowed time for their story to come together naturally and created space for synchronistic moments to appear. They remained open to inspiration even when things did not go exactly as expected.

If they got stuck with a perceived problem, they were able to pause and reflect on how it affected their body-mind balance and hindered the flow of their intuition. So they would take a few deep breaths and feel their feet on the earth. The spirit of Rumi’s advice to “let the beauty we love be what we do” served as their anchor to remain focused on what was important: seeing/reflecting the divine in each other. 

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Choosing trustworthy, passionate creatives as their team of vendors, Thi and Marco were able to hand over creative freedom. They recognized that if they tried micromanaging from a place of pressure in order to achieve perfection, then the experience itself would also feel forced.


They picked California Ranch Events as their venue so they could make their wedding into a weekend retreat. Morning meditation allowed them to ground into their intention to remain fully awake as the day unfolded.

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A rite of passage ceremony followed, which was a meaningful way to invite depth into the experience. The couple was given a quest to plant an oak tree on the ranch. Upon their return from the journey, Thi shared that “even though Marco grew up planting trees, we’ve spent our years together in San Francisco and Berlin, so it was the first time I’d seen him with a shovel, which broke, and he completed the task with his hands. I didn’t know what a natural he was!” What followed next was an outdoor yoga class to drop them into their bodies, accompanied by the sound of live music and a soft wind twirling around their hair.

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The ceremony altar was a copper crescent moon that was designed by an artist friend to be upcycled in their home after the wedding. It served as a reminder to spend time under the open sky and flow with nature’s cycles. The ceremony was a unique personalized prayer that mirrored their unique gifts to each other and reflected their inner light.

Dinner was served on beautiful hand-crafted wooden tables and the tablescapes wove together elements from the day: rose quartz to inspire love and the divine feminine, amethyst to encourage intuition, selenite to amplify it all, and feathers to connect with spirit. Stone plates and copper flatware offered an earthy foundation for the vegetarian feast. Wild, ecstatic flowers added a touch of magic. 

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The evening was filled with music. Friends were encouraged to bring instruments, inspiring a serendipitous impromptu band. A drum circle was facilitated, sparking a sense of playfulness and unity. And Kirtan transformed individual voices into a cohesive vibration. 

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The celebration turned out to be a sacred reflection of who they are as a couple. All they had to do was to be truly present—through this, every element was effortlessly infused with their spirit.

venue: California Ranch Events, californiaranchevents.com

photography: Maria Calderon, @theinnerbeautyproject

HMU: PMAstyle, professionalmakeupartistry.com

bridal gown: Atelier des Modistes, atelierdesmodistes.com

floral: Devin Antheus, antheusdesign.com

planning: Kirin White, tlceventcoordination.com

hand-crafted tables: Albe Kohler, wizardinthewoodshop.com

moon altar: Jenny Red, modernembellishment.com

meditation & yoga: Christianna Kohler, gotoyourmat.com

rite-of-passage: Sesnei Derek Fletcher, plantpoweredbuddhist.com

catering: Heather Graham, @likearollingsconecatering

crystals & feathers: Michelle Walker, creativehealingcenter.guru

drum circle: Phil Didlake, rhythmicinnovation.com 

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