ranch house

Back in the day, it was referred to as the “home place”. Imagine Great Grandma Dean whipping up hearty meals in the kitchen to feed everyone out working in the fields, ringing the triangle lunch bell to call them in for mealtime. Grandpa used to record the rainfall on the bathroom wall in the back bedroom. There are stories around every corner. Built in 1893, the ceilings are 11 ft high with natural light pouring in from all the windows to create a feeling of spaciousness inside with a view of spaciousness outside. Hardwood floors add the the clean feeling and allow energy to flow freely. Different heating and cooling elements ensure your comfort whatever the weather.  


master bedroom

Albe and Christianna live in this room when they are not hosting events. The energy is very special as many mothers have helped their daughters prepare for their wedding day in here. Largest room in the house with a king bed. Two windows and a door leading out to the front porch. Carpet floor. The master bathroom has a toilet, shower and bidet. Tiled floor in the bathroom.

Carneal’s room

This room is dedicated to the man who built the house. Back in the day, it was the dining room. It's the second largest room in the house with a king bed, couch, armoire and door leading outside to the hot tub. Carpet floor.


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Jane’s room

This room is named after Carneal's mother. Restored original hardwood floor. Queen bed with doors leading to the back porch and shared bathroom. 

Joe’s room

This room gets incredible morning light through the three high windows. Separate entrance from the back porch although it is connected to the house. Queen bed, carpet flooring. Window AC unit. Water closet with toilet and sink. Grandpa used to record the rainfall on the wall in the WC.

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Dean’s kitchen

Where Great Grandma Dean ruled the roost with big cast iron pots, 400 lb butcher block and the signature ice box still in the kitchen (now used as dry storage). Vintage stove with 4 propane grills and oven with two racks. Countertop and island for prep space. Fully equipped with pots, pans, utensils, coffee maker, plates, silverware glasses and coffee cups for up to 30. Most likely has everything you need. Standard size fridge and freezer.

dining room

The open kitchen / dining layout offers an expansive feeling for prepping and enjoying meals together. Grandma’s restored 13 feet long dining room table fits up to 12 mismatched chairs around it. Wood burning stove and couch in the corner add to the cozy vibe. 

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This room has the best light in the house. Fireplace and pillow pit make it feel like home. Library with an eclectic collection of books you are welcome to borrow while you're here. 

front porch

The boys used to sleep out on the front porch in the summertime when it was screened in. Soak in the sun from morning to evening. Currently set up with tables for 25 people but easily extended for up to 40 for sitting, dining, gathering or relaxing. A favorite for rehearsal dinner. It's an inviting space to enjoy views of rolling hills and grazing horses. Also great space for practicing yoga.

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Hetch Hetchy cabin

The Hetch Hetchy Cabin was a workers’ cabin when the dam was built in Yosemite. Once the project was complete, the cabin was brought to the ranch in the 1920’s on a drayage wagon pulled by a team of massive draft horses. Now a cozy residence with modern amenities, Thom stays in the cabin a few days a week. He reads Thoreau; the ranch his Walden. Complete with an outdoor shower so you can bathe with the trees (yes, there’s hot water).

back porch

Smaller porch with historic knick knacks. Cabinet for hot tub towels. Triangle dinner bell.

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garden bungalow

The bungalow is rented on Hipcamp and is where Christianna & Albe stay for events so they are on site but offer privacy in the ranch house. Hand crafted from recycled wood mostly from the ranch. Enjoy the camp vibe while maintaining comfort. Nestled in between an 150 year old shed and the historic ranch house you'll find everything you need. It is the size of a tiny house, has electricity and a bathroom with sink and an outdoor shower (hot water!). There is a queen sized bed. 

Glamping tents

Inspired from a trip to Burning Man, these canvas bell tents are a favorite for the cozy campy feel. All tents are equipped with a circular mood light inside and have a solar panel/battery pack combination to charge your phones and gadgets.  Two twin sized mattresses can be combined via straps to form a king, let us know ahead of time and we'll set it up! Five tents, each with their own personality; Pauli, Lovelace, Fitzgerald, Walden and Mucha. 

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bunkhouse studio

The studio was built in the 1860’s of old growth redwood, come smell it for yourself. It served as a bunkhouse for workers during the harvest season. Thom turned the space into his personal man cave and filled it with instruments. The bunkhouse lives up to its name once again with 6 single bunks and two doubles. 

The barn

The barn was built in the 1860’s as a massive draft horse barn. You can only imagine the stalls full of these wondrous creatures who worked the land, prepping, planting and harvesting grains on steep hillsides as far as the eye can see. It’s been free of livestock since the invention of the tractor but she stands strong, built before planned obsolescence. Upstairs was the hayloft where they stored 300 ton of hay. When they hay was cleared, the kids used to rollerskate and the occasional barndance was held.

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abuelita - grandmother tree

Abuelita has been watching over the ranch for over 600 years. She exudes steadiness and almost forces you to pause in awe of her wisdom. It is a wonder to think about the root system spanning deep under the surface as wide as her branches reach. If you need advice and are able to be still, quiet and truly listen, she will share her wisdom.


The palapa is what remains of the old granary, where wheat and other grains were stored after the harvest. The roof remained intact and the walls were salvaged and used for the deck where people now dance, lounge and practice yoga.